Exploring The Local Community


What else do we have in store at Bradley Bar? Variety, variety, variety! We believe it is important to deliver a holistic approach towards the care and development of your child.

As part of your child’s development at Bradley Bar we believe it is important to integrate the children into the culture of their local community.

Please note a comprehensive risk assessment is carried out on all trip venues and statutory staff ratios are carefully managed. We ask for parents’ consent before any excursions.

We carefully arrange:

  • Exciting woodland walks to enable the children to learn about nature and wildlife and the outdoor environment
  • Trips to local shops and post office as well as a local school
  • Excursions to outdoor parks as well as soft play areas
  • Visits to the local garden centre
  • Outings to Huddersfield town centre to visit the library as well as toy shops and the market

The Sound Of Music

Music and movement provide a wonderful sensory journey for the children to express themselves


We work with to develop the physical skills of the children and encourage them to succeed individually but also in teams. Definitely, lots of energy and fun!

Classes weekly and complimentary for those children attending nursery that day.


In preparation for Reception classes at school the staff run regular PE classes with the children.  The class places an equal focus on encouraging the children to get changed into their PE kits independently as well as the physical activity itself.  Additionally, the children learn about the effects of activity on their bodies.   Even the staff find this class strenuous!

Learning From The Local Community

We believe a good grounding comes from regular visits to the local community. Police, Road Safety and Emergency service professionals visit us and talk to the children about key topics.

We actively encourage parents and carers to talk about their occupations and to share stories with the children, engage them in creative activities and look after the garden.

On Your Way To 5 A Day

Bradley Bar have been awarded a five star food hygiene rating and a gold healthy choice rating by Kirklees Council.

The five star food hygiene rating indicates an excellent level of cleanliness, food safety practices and kitchen management. You can read more information here.

The gold healthy choice award is in recognition of our healthy nutritious menus combined with healthy food options.

A child attending the full day session will receive more than their ‘five a day’ quota of fruit and vegetables.