Nursery Newsletter


It will soon be time to review your child’s individual plan with their key person.  Please use this time as an opportunity to have an input into your child’s learning and development and share any contributions you may have.  If you would like a more formal meeting with your child’s key person to review your child’s record of achievement or generally discuss your child’s progress to date please see a member of staff so that this can be arranged.  We really appreciate working in partnership with you for the benefit of your child and encourage your involvement.


We are constantly reviewing the learning environment on both floors of the nursery to ensure that the children regardless of age remain engaged and excited to learn.

The same principle applies to our outdoor spaces too.  Staff ensure that all areas of learning are represented inside and out to ensure that learning experiences are maximised and that the children are given ample opportunity to explore and learn through their play.


Moving from one room to another or from nursery to school can be a stressful time for the child and parents /carers.  Our transition policy is designed to make this time as easy as possible for all involved.

In terms of moving out of the baby room to the main nursery this process begins from the very beginning of your baby’s time with us.  This means, all staff regardless of where they are based make time for the babies and get to know them in their own familiar environment.  As your baby becomes a toddler they will have supervised time in the main nursery with their key person giving them access to a wider range of activities as well as the large garden space.


When they are two, you will be invited to a transition meeting to discuss your child’s progress and meet your child’s new key person.  Visits precede the final transition when your toddler starts in the main room.

As regards school readiness for our older children, activities are designed to equip the children with the necessary social and emotional skills for school as well as a strong foundation in the curriculum.  We work closely with the schools in our area to ensure that they have all the information they require to continue to support your child.  A transition meeting will be organised with you as parents to discuss your child’s progress before they go to school.


As role models to our children, it is important that staff feel informed and motivated to learn themselves.  The staff training programme for the next twelve months will involve:

  • Quality of education
  • Observation, assessment and record keeping
  • Curriculum based courses
  • Safeguarding
  • Health and Safety renewal

In addition to the above all staff will be kept up to date with the paediatric first aid training.


Another busy period in the nursery, we are currently focusing on promoting positive behaviour.  In particular, the children will be playing games and completing exercises to highlight important values such as sharing, teamwork, communication and much more. Tasks will be set to actively encourage them to work together, share resources and really help each other.