Nursery Newsletter: Winter Edition

What's On?

It has been a busy few months and we are well into the New Year now looking forward to the challenges that brings!

The next staff training day is Tuesday 29th March, when the nursery will be closed.

Stay and play sessions have been planned throughout the year, invitations will follow.

Under Two's News

During the colder weather we still like our younger children to enjoy the outside, so please make sure your child comes prepared with a warm coat, hat, scarf and mittens!  Now we have the fake lawn installed the younger children will also be able to enjoy that space too.

Indoors, creative activities will be geared towards winter and the changes taking place outside in terms of the weather, birds, insects and animals as well as obvious changes in the garden.


Topic Time: Transport and Journeys

As the title suggests, this topic will be looking at different forms of transport including cars, trains, boats, aeroplanes… The children will talk about journeys they have been on, study and make their own maps as well as take part in local walks and plan future journeys.

We will carry out a range of activities to encourage your child ‘s learning and development in the areas of communication and language, literacy, mathematics and understanding of the world.


At home you could talk about how you travel to and from nursery and discuss other journeys you have made.  You could draw pictures of different modes of transport thinking about how many wheels, windows etc.

It would also be useful if you could bring in holiday photos and postcards for the children to talk about at circle time.

The Prevent Duty

In September 2015 the Government introduced the new common inspection framework which forms the basis of all Ofsted inspections.  One significant change to the framework has been the introduction of the ‘Prevent Duty’.  Essentially this means that the nursery must pay ‘due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism’.

In practice this involves teaching the children right from wrong, respect and tolerance.  Empowering them to challenge negative attitudes and stereotypes as well as embrace the themes of equality and diversity.


Dates for your Diary

The staff training day at the end of March has enabled us to organise external training around the common inspection framework.  It will be led by Ofsted inspectors and will provide the whole team with an important understanding of the new common inspection requirements and assure the quality of teaching and learning continues in the setting.  We are very much looking forward to it!

A separate newsletter will be sent out after Easter informing everyone of the impact and learning outcomes from the training and organising a parent forum meeting with a view to sharing this information in more detail.