The Curriculum

Planning Activities

Planning activities: In planning children’s activities at Bradley Bar we reflect on the different ways in which children learn and provide a supportive environment that gives our children the freedom to learn in their own individual styles. The EYFS identifies three characteristics of effective learning:

  1. Playing and exploring (engagement), this characteristic is evidenced by children finding out and exploring, playing with what they know and being willing to ‘have a go’.
  2. Active learning (motivation), as evidenced by being involved and concentrating, perseverance and enjoying and achieving what they set out to do.
  3. Creating and thinking critically (thinking), this involves encouraging the children to have their own ideas, make links and choose ways to do things.

Take a look at A Typical Day at Bradley Bar.


Observation and assessment of learning plays an important part in helping both childcare providers as well as parents and carers to recognise children’s progress and to better understand their needs so that targeted support can be provided to further the individual child’s learning  and development.

At Bradley Bar assessment is ongoing and involves regular observations, ensuring that every child is treated as an individual and that their learning and development is facilitated through the identification of ‘next steps’ for learning in partnership with parents and carers. These are formative assessments.

Additionally, summative assessments are also completed and provide a ‘snapshot’ of a child’s progress at a specific point in time. These assessments are completed by the key person when the child is two years, three years and finally when they leave for school. The final assessment is passed onto reception teachers to facilitate the transition process.

At Bradley Bar we believe that cultivating a strong relationship with parents is crucial for your child’s development. We will always seek consent prior to sharing any information with relevant professionals.

Safeguarding and Welfare

At Bradley Bar we take pride in our nursery. We have a rigid set of policies and procedures which cover every eventuality to ensure the safety and well-being of your child. Our team of staff all have paediatric first aid training as well as training in health and safety and safeguarding including the Prevent Duty.  Staff also have sound food hygiene knowledge and are fully aware of the standards required of them in all areas to ensure that our nursery provides a safe and secure environment for children, parents / carers and staff alike. Click here to read a little more about our nursery.

The Benefits

So to sum up, here are some points that detail the key benefits of the EYFS:

  • Focuses on the ‘whole child’
  • Provides an integrated approach to care and education
  • The ethos of learning through play is central to the framework

Delivered through the settings they attend, the EYFS ensures that the development and learning needs of young children will be met by practitioners in partnership with families, working with agencies within the community to ensure that every child truly matters.

For more information on the EYFS please visit Foundation Years and EYFS Framework.