At Bradley Bar we believe a happy child means happy parents

Don't just take our word for it...

Ollie and Elsie’s Mum

"I looked at a lot of nurseries before visiting Bradley Bar, we were made to feel very welcome and part of the family. All the children at the nursery were friendly and looked happy. This made our decision easy."

Abigail, Thomas and Emma’s Mum

"After viewing a few nurseries, Bradley Bar was clean, the staff were friendly and professional."

Rohan’s Mum

"I like that you have the on-site cook who becomes part of the nursery team interacting with the children."

Amaan and Amber’s Mum

"The staff do go that extra mile, the nursery is clean and vibrant."

Alfie’s Mum and Dad

"Everyone knows our child and it feels like a family."

Ollie and Elsie’s Mum and Dad

"Our son settled from day one. Our daughter took a few weeks, but everyone in the baby room helped with making her feel settled."

Amaan and Amber’s Mum

"Bollywood dance was encouraged which was good to see – good community cohesion and embracing other cultures."

Sebi’s Mum and Dad

"We’ve been impressed by how Natalie, our son’s key person has adapted her approach to engage him in activities."

Rebecca’s Mum and Dad

"Our daughter’s knowledge of the world around her and vocabulary has developed because of Bradley Bar’s nursery activities and themes."

Luke’s Mum and Dad

"Our son is appreciative of cultures and differences and has an equal amount of enthusiasm for art, science, numbers, writing and reading."

Luke’s Mum and Dad

"Luke was becoming quite frustrated as he needed more of a challenge with regard to his learning. We spoke to his key person Bex, who introduced a reading and writing book and increased his involvement with topic time. He has blossomed as a result and is very proud of his reading and writing book."

Abigail, Thomas and Emma’s Mum

"Bex, Vikki, Sam and Charmaine have always been very kind, caring and friendly. All the staff seem very pro-active and the next steps are regularly updated. We also enjoy the daily report to see what they have been doing."

Abigail, Thomas and Emma’s Mum

"Our family feel happy and safe at the nursery. Holly, Helen and the whole nursery team offer a varied and continuous provision that feels well resourced and progressive."

William’s Mum

"I have confidence in the staff and don’t have any doubt in leaving him in their care. Karen is very good, always positive and there to answer any questions we have"

Eva's Mum

"You have all helped Eva to develop into a confident, happy little girl who is now ready to take her next steps at school. Her nursery experience has been so special, the level of service you provide is outstanding."

Dontae’s Mum

"Thank you for looking after Dontae, he has learned so much and is a very confident boy."

Raeyen’s Mum

"Raeyen has grown so much since being with you! Thank you for everything."

Benjamin’s Mum and Dad

"Benjamin has learnt a lot and has really enjoyed his time at the nursery, especially being the outdoor monitor for the first time!"

Bella’s Mum and Dad

"Just wanted to thank you for making Bella’s experience an amazing one! Her imagination and development have come on leaps and bounds!"

Tyler's Mum and Dad

"It’s great to feel that your children are being looked after and also that their education is being taken seriously at such a little age!"

Tyler’s Mum and Dad

"Tyler loves nursery, his friends and the staff who look after him. It’s great seeing how he is developing and he amazes us with some of the things he says and what he has learnt, so thank you so much."

Emily’s Mum

"Thanks to all the staff at the nursery for the kindness and care they show Emily (and the other children). Emily has come on leaps and bounds since she started at the nursery"